for respiration and respiration of COPD dyspnea and / or hyperkania
Non-invasive home ventilation device
for respiration and respiration of COPD dyspnea and / or hyperkania

FLO Vigaro Next Generation


The first devices which cares about the expiration

This technology is based on the already well-established NIV therapy and was developed for the optimal exhalation of the lungs in the exhalation phase.



  • Reduced breathing effort
  • Avoidance of deventilation syndromes
  • Increased exercise capacity
  • Strengthened respiratory muscles
  • NIV therapy with high sleep quality
  • Low pressure compared to classic NIV ventilation
  • Significantly lower pressure-related risks and side effects
  • Leakage and height compensation
  • Large compliance store
  • Easy handling, operation and cleaning
  • Highest pressure stability
  • Very low noise
  • Large particulate filter (HEPA filter)


Art.-no.: 31100010
Glass beaker
for FLO devices. Hygienic glass for air humidifier, dishwasher-proof.
Art.-no.: 31300011
Air humidifier lid, grey
Air humidifier lid for FLO devices, grey
Art.-no.: 40100111
Fully assembled particulate filter
in filter box, class H13 DIN EN 1822-1 (suitable for allergy sufferers), service life 12-18 months

Data sheet

Art.-no.: 40400163
Battery pack for FLO devices with rechargeable battery, charger, connection-cable and instruction manual
for mains-free operation of FLO devices
Art.-no.: 40800010
Carry bag
for FLO devices
Art.-no.: 50600080
FLOflexi Adapter
consisting of silicone sleeve and swivel joint