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On which you can rely

Excellently equipped

Therapeutic success and quality of equipment go hand in hand. All of the  components and materials we use meet the highest standards – down to the last detail. So we can guarantee that our devices will deliver years of trouble-free service.

The devices have been developed on the basis of the latest medical findings, stateof-
the art technology and of course the needs of users. And we can say with confidence
that our hardware and software are the very best on the market.

Proven pressure stability

  • Lasting guarantee
  • Achieved with a heavy-duty turbine, pressure gauge hose and precision pressure sensors
  • Allows fast and effective control

Air filter

  • Particulate filter (HEPA) as standard
  • High filtration efficiency (for particulates, bacteria, viruses, etc.), so also suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Very large filter surface area (cassette filter), up to 150 times bigger than that of a standard filter
  • Long service life of ca. 18 months
  • Automatic filter test and change indicator on the FLO device


  • Hygienic glass humidifier
  • Easy to maintain
  • Integrated humidifier
  • Powerful humidifier


  • Clearly laid-out control panel
  • Intuitive operation

Compliance memory

  • Included as standard
  • Records all therapy-related parameters
  • SD memory card for ease of reading
  • The compliance memory allows the medical practitioner or sleep
    laboratory to read and to analyse the measuring data. The therapy can
    be optimised in this way to achieve maximum therapeutic success.
Compliance memory /// Secure and easy to read
Compliance memory /// Secure and easy to read
Integrated pressure gauge hose
Integrated pressure gauge hose
HEPA filter /// Hygienic and durable
HEPA filter /// Hygienic and durable
Humidifier system /// Easy to maintain
Humidifier system /// Easy to maintain