Ultra-clean air – guaranteed
It all began with the desire for a good night's sleep...
Ultra-clean air – guaranteed

Pioneers in breathing therapy

FLO Medizintechnik GmbH was established in 2005 with the goal of developing and manufacturing positive pressure ventilation systems with reduced operating noise and optimised pressure stability. We have achieved this goal by working closely with users, scientists and clinicians. Inadequate sound-proofing, poor air filtering and unsatisfactory pressure stability are nowa thing of the past.

The often rocky path through our healthcare system and the arduous development work have paid off: precision control,outstanding air filtering and legendary quietness have become trademarks of the FLO systems. Our devices are known forhigh patient satisfaction and compliance.

Our philosophy, our claim. FLO systems have acquired an excellent reputation in the world of breathing therapy. And for good reason: the devicesand every component that goes into them satisfy the highest standards of quality. They are manufactured entirely in Germanyand are subject to strict quality controls.

To ensure that top quality remains top quality, we are constantly building innovations and new concepts into our productdevelopment. We are driven at all times by the desire to find the best possible solution for patients.

Targeted therapy

Patients and their needs are at the very centre of our endeavours. Our devices do more than simply treat symptoms. They allow a targeted therapy, which in turn helps to prevent secondary conditions.

Individual treatment

Every patient has their own specific requirements. Our therapy devices feature specially developed software to allow treatment to be tailored to the needs of the individual patient. This avoids unnecessary stresses such as excessive pressure.

Detailed information

The device includes an extensive compliance memory, from which you can read and assess your patient‘s measuring data and adjust the therapy accordingly. The best possible therapeutic success can be achieved in this way.

High acceptance

User-friendly operation encourage high acceptance, and FLO therapy devices are very easy to use.